Volunteers fixed the 50 Nozzles that make up the Wave Water Feature.


The Grand Haven Musical Fountain would not be possible without the countless volunteers that support this landmark.  Thank you to all our fountain operators, programmers, committee members and maintenance volunteers for making sure the fountain is enjoyed for many years to come.


Want to get involved?  Fill out the below contact form and get added to our volunteer list.  We will let you know when opportunities come up and ways to help out the fountain.  Volunteer needs include but are not limited to:

  • Pneumatic, Electrical, Hydraulic (water & oil), Automation (PC & PLC), & Sound Systems
  • Painting & General maintenance (lube, grease, etc.)
  • Song Programming for the shows
  • Operating the Fountain during shows
  • Show support from the Waterfront Stadium
  • Fundraising and Public Relations support

Volunteer Contact Form