Specs: New Musical Fountain Sound System

In March of 2019, the Grand Haven Musical Fountain Committee awarded the bid of the sale and installation of the new sound system to Pro Audio, Inc. of Grandville, Michigan. Kenneth Reinecke, owner of Pro Audio, is a long time Grand Haven resident who has previously service the [old] Grand Haven Musical Fountain sound system.


The new sound system will consist of JBL speakers, Crown amplifiers and Ashley processors. The current/old sound system installed at the fountain and has been in place for over 20 years is JBL. This gave the committee confidence in choosing JBL once as a replacement for the outdated system due to its long run.


Tops/Mains: The main speakers are JBL PD743i-215 three way loudspeaker system and consists of 6 drivers; Dual JBL 2432H 38mm exit compression drivers (high end), Dual JBL CMCD-82H cone midrange compression drivers (mid-range) and Dual JBL 2265H 15″ diameter dual voice coil (low end). There will be 4 of these speakers, one placed in the end buildings and 2 placed in the center buildings.


Bottoms/Subs: The low end sound will be through JBL ASH6118 folded 18″ subwoofer. There will be 16 of these subwoofers spread between all 3 buildings. 

Amplifiers: Powering the JBL system will be 5 Crown DCi Network amplifiers. Each amplifier is a 4 channel digital amp, each channel set to power its own speaker.

As released previously, the fountain will close on June 17, 18 and 19 for the removal and installation of the sound systems. The grand reveal will take place on June 20 at 10:10pm preceded by a small ceremony recognizing sponsors and individuals involved in making this possible.