Grand Haven Musical Fountain 2021 Season Schedule*

And that’s a wrap on the 2021 season! Thank you for all the support this season, for sharing your feedback and fountain stories through messages/comments with us. Our volunteer and operator team is amazing and brought us another great year of shows. Everyone really made 2021 a great season!
What’s next for the fountain? Our team will be winterizing the fountain. We can’t have pipes freezing in the coming winter months. The Musical Fountain will also be turning 60 next year, which means we have a birthday party to plan!
See you all again in 2022!








*Schedule is subject to change without notice. 

All starting times are approximate and have been determined by selecting the very best time for viewing based upon darkness behind Dewey Hill.

A variety of titles and themes are presented each running evening for a 20-30 minute presentation.  Waterfront events may alter the fountain schedule.